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As a student at RNS, you will come to understand that music is a language, and we want to give you the tools and resources that you need in order to speak and understand that language fluently. We offer Guitar (any style both acoustic & electric), Voice, Songwriting, Flamenco Guitar, Ukulele & Recording production lessons. Beginners are more than welcome. Prioritizing your interests and your prefered genres, we will expand in areas where you seek improvement. Each lesson is tailored to each student's learning style. From reading music, to writing songs, and mastering improvisational techniques, together we will find ways to help you grow as a musician. Root Note Studio is fully equipped with state of the art digital recording gear and offers recording production & tutorials. 
Root Note Studio is located in downtown Lowell, MA.


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"Best of Lowell"

6 Consecutive Years

Time flies when you're doing what you love:)


We thank all of our students, team members & community for this achievement.


Lowell, MA - Western Avenue Studios

We've been open in Lowell for over 8 years and have had a few different locations in the area. Finally, we found our dream location - Western Avenue Studios -  located downtown in an incredible old mill building being transformed into an artist space. It is the largest artists community building on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.  The 5-acre complex and its varied brick mill buildings host 250 work-only studios,  50 live/work lofts, and over a dozen teaching artists. The building offers big free parking lots, so you never have to worry about finding a parking space when you come here for lessons:)


Root Note Studio is fully equipped with state of the art digital recording gear & a unique isaolated vocal booth ready for full music production. We offer recording sessions & lessons here. 

<Our gear includes; Slate Virtual Microphone System, Universal Audio Apollo Twin inteface, iMac with Logic X, Ableton & Garageband, Novation Launchkey 49, Korg T1 Keyboard, Professional Studio Monitors & much more>


(You can visit Western Avenue Studios artists.  First Saturday Open Studios is a great way to see artists in their workspace and learn about their work. One visit won’t be enough to see all there is to see – so plan on coming back. There are also the Loading Dock Gallery - a cooperative artist-run gallery and the Onyx Room Performance Space. Weekly events & bazarres keep the mill bustling with activity and a productive community of local artists & business owners.)





Scenes from Root Note Studio Student Recital

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Root Note Studio Community-

Group Music Workshops

Here at RNS, we seize the opportunity to host some of the best workshops available with amazing musicians and teachers from all over the world. 

We have had the honor of hosting workshops with Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band), Toby Walker, and most recently, Kaki King. 

Stay tuned for more workshops in the future, and contact us to join our workshop mailing list for the quickest updates on new artist bookings and availabilities.

Root Note Studio Recitals

Always looked forward to, this is an event we host to showcase our students and get our community together for a fun night of music!

Held about 2x/year, these events include student performances, potluck snacks, and then we jam until the cows come home!

Completely open to the community, anyone is welcome to stop by and join in with us. 


Saturday AM Jam Sessions

The positive and open attitude of our jam session is so infectious!! The people that participate each jam are such friendly and down to earth folks who all have at least one thing in common- their love for music. Students of RNS have access to these sessions if they wish. No judgement or criticism occurs (or will be tolerated)... just positive and good hearted people, starting the weekend off in a perfect way! Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month...  

Jam Parties

Jam Parties are held multiple times/year, and are always an amazing time for the kiddos. We hold a potluck meal and  invite all of our friends, family, and members of the community.


This creates a chance for students to showcase their progress, hard work, and to challenge themselves to jam and perform in front of a supportive, fun audience.



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