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Root Note Studio is a private music lessons studio, operated by Seiki Imagica, and located in downtown Lowell, MA.

In-studio and
Skype lessons are offered by highly qualified teachers, who are also well known working musicians. Performance opportunities, jam sessions, and a fun, supportive community are all part of the full experience of taking lessons with us. We believe in sharing our love and passion for music and providing the best possible instruction for our students. 


Each lesson is eagerly tailored to the student's strengths and needs in order to help them learn to the best of their ability and ultimately reach their own goals. This could range anywhere from broadening your horizons as a serious musician to simply having fun and seeking personal enrichment!

RNS Instructors

Meet teachers of Root Note Studio

Seiki Imagica


Professional musician/recording artist

Lessons Offered:

Electric Guitar,  Acoustic Guitar

Flamenco Guitar, Songwriting

Voice, Ukulele, Recording Production



Seiki is a singer-songwriter, flamenco guitarist, music teacher, and leader of Lowell based indie rock band “Dreams Calling”


Seiki started singing and playing electric guitar in a band at age 13.  From age 15 to 17, he studied classical guitar under Hidetoshi Kadota, an accomplished Japanese classical guitarist. Seiki formed and joined numerous rock bands during high school/college years where he dreamed of expressing himself through music.  Upon graduation, he followed his dream and came overseas to pursue his musical career in the U.S.


In the San Francisco Bay Area, he finished a music certificate program at Diablo Valley College focusing on electronic music composition.  He came to New England to attend Berklee College of Music where he majored in songwriting.  However meeting his flamenco guitar mentor, Juanito Pascual, an acclaimed young flamenco guitarist on the international music scene, proved to be the pivotal catalyst which changed him most fundamentally as a musician.


Within a couple of years, Juanito picked Seiki as a collaborator and his second guitarist in the Juanito Pascual Quartet.  As a member of the quartet, Seiki has performed and collaborated with numerous Spanish artists including well-known Flamenco singer/dancer Elena Andújar, Flamenco Dancer Niño de los Reyes, and Grammy-winning artists like Jamey Haddad- percussionist for the Paul Simon band, and Boston’s Jazz legend Stan Strickland.


In recent years, Seiki has focused on his own songwriting & producing music.


Seiki teaches guitar, voice, songwriting, and computer-based recording production. He says, “We live in an unprecedented age of recording music. With studio gear so affordable and computers becoming increasingly powerful, you can now have everything you need to record and produce top-notch music in your home. This has opened doors for musicians and bands to push their creativity to new heights without professional recording studio.”


As he engages and bonds with students through the music he has found inspiration from students which continue to push him to grow as an artist. Music is a universal language and Seiki enjoys creating friendships with students from different generations, cultures, ethnicities, and countries.


Seiki is very active in Lowell music scene. Several of his students have performed with Seiki at Open Mic as their first-time public musical performance.

Liz Lawrence


Skype Lessons Only

Lessons offered:


Lead/Rhythm/Slide Guitar 

Pedal Steel Guitar


Liz Lawrence is a professionally trained musician and skilled multi-instrumentalist who has been working as a touring, sub and session musician as well as an in-demand private instructor for over appx 15 years.

Liz is the founder/owner of Root Note Studio, teaches via Skype.


Combining her valuable experience and strong passion for music, Liz has become a versatile seasoned-musician and instructor.

Instrumental Lessons Available Include:

Lead Guitar
Rhythm Guitar
Open Tuned/Slide Guitar
Pedal Steel Guitar
Classical Guitar
Flamenco Guitar
Tenor Saxophone



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