Past Updates

Spring 2014-

Things with the studio have been drastically evolving this spring, with the addition of new instructors in the Lowell, MA area and a new studio in Nashville, TN! It is an exciting change and I think very positive things will come of adding great instructors to the team and expanding operations. 


Lowell, MA

Seiki Imagica is teaching guitar lessons (and more) and Scott Sheehan teaching bass guitar in Lowell, MA. We are planning on holding a Kid's/Teen's Jam Party this June at Mill No. 5. Following that will be the next Summer 2014 Root Note Ramble! The Saturday Morning Jam sessions continue on every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month (9-11am) and have been going great. 


Also in Lowell- Mill No. 5 has been having so really fun events every 1st Saturday of the month- I highly suggest to stop by on one of these 1st Saturday mornings to attend a jam, then stick around for the event that Mill No. 5 has in store that afternoon. Live music, local artists, vendors, performers, and great people are always in abundance. It is a great way to spend your Saturday morning!!


And more...

I (Liz), have been teaching via Skype and in Nashville, TN this month. I am touring with a group based out of Nashville and am on the road quite often. There are scheduled monthly visits to Root Note Studio in Lowell coming up for me to work with Skype students, offer master classes, and to plan for our fun events coming up. My next visit to Lowell is May 5th- May 7th. The open time slots are almost all booked up, so be sure to get in touch with me if you want to schedule an in person lesson this month. 


I want to thank you all for keeping up with the studio and following these updates. I am so grateful for everything that has come to fruition through the studio and absolutely love what we are able to do. I know I speak for the RNS team and community when I say thank you for being a part of it, because YOU are the ones that make this so cooll!!

Winter 2013/2014-


Root Note Studio is evolving- and now we have 2 locations! One is based out of Lowell, MA and another newer location in Nashville, TN.

 I've been teaching more often via Skype and seeing students in person at least once a month, since I've been traveling so much and dividing my time between Nashville and Lowell. It's been an exciting endeavor to call in some great local instructors join the RNS team at Mill No. 5 in Lowell, MA. I'm really looking forward to the things we can pull off when we put our heads together.... I'm thinking events/parties/clinics/shows... etc!


I am planning to hold a Kid's Recital in Lowell sometime in June at Mill No. 5. I can't wait to see everyone's progress and their hard work paying off!


Fall 2013- The Kid's/Teen's Performance Party is on for Saturday, Nov. 23rd at LTC from 11:30-2:00pm. BJB duo is playing in Portland, ME that night too! The following Saturday, we are at Brew'd Awakening in Lowell. Click here for all of Blue James Band's upcoming shows. 

As far as work lately, things have been busier than ever with the studio and with session work. I've been working a lot with Blue James Band locally as well as a new group- The Riverhawk Party Band, based out of Lowell MA. Once the RNS Kid's/Teen's party is over, I plan on holding another Root Note Ramble for adult students in the Winter of 2014. The jam sessions at Mill No. 5 have been going incredibly well- please join us sometime!


May 2013- I am going to try and set up regular biweekly jam sessions in downtown Lowell this summer, for students/friends/community alike. I will keep everyone updated and please let me know if you have any suggestions or venue ideas. I'm hoping this will come together by the end of the month. 

Now that the Kid's/Teen's Recital is over, it's time for us to plan our party for all adult students. Performance opportunities, jamming, good food, BYOB, and great people. I think we will hold this at a student's house in Lowell- I've had one offer already. If you think you have a venue or home that we can use please shoot me your suggestions! I am SO excited for this. No date planned yet some time this summer. 

Something else I have taken on is teaching weekly Preschool classes at Building Blocks Prep in Tewksbury, MA. There is a total of 45 kids and it has been a blast so far. The kids have been great and we are learning so much from each other! It's so fun to engage and get on their level when it comes to music appreciation and approaching music in a way that they will learn while having tons of fun. I am so thankful for this opportunity and plan to continue with classes for a long time to come.

Happy Memorial Day to all, and here's to an exciting and eventful summer!

Feb. 2013- Hooray, and guess what? We have moved- Just two blocks down the street, the studio has a new location at 97 Central St. #212 Lowell, MA 01852. 

The new studio now shares an office with fellow teacher, Amy Gilvary of The Music Box, who specializes in voice and piano lessons. With our individual and combined teaching efforts, I think that Root Note Studio and The Music Box will continue to develop and grow into an even greater musical and educational force in downtown Lowell!

Our new lessons space is larger and quieter, and there is also a separate waiting room for us here. Parking is the same as our old Market St location: street parking or the garage, just around the corner. The garage actually seems closer to this location, and Brew'd Awakening is closer now too (YAY)!

Please feel free to send me any questions/concerns/comments/complaints and I will address them asap! Thanks for sticking with the studio... you guys are the best! :) 


Winter 2012/2013 Update- It has been a busy and exciting few months at the studio- Kids/Teens recital, Adult performance party, a steadily growing client base, and awesome jam sessions downstairs, every week at Whitsett Guitar Works. I know that this coming year will be a great one for us! We will be planning more performance opportunities and teaching more students than ever, on many different instruments and styles.

On the other hand, as a freelance musician, I am looking forward to another busy and exciting year! I will be playing many shows with a few different artists, as well as picking up more session work and sub work with some different projects. If you are ever interested in coming to a show, I would love to see you! Visit my personal website,, to view my upcoming show schedule and read more about what I'm up to, outside of the studio.

The Blue James Band's most recent album, "Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight" has been released, and is available for purchase online, and at the studio! We have been hearing some great reviews- visit the band's Facebook page if you'd like to read more, visit the bands website at!

I am very excited and happy for all things coming in 2013, as well as so very thankful for how far we've come. Thanks to the awesome students/ parents/ families/ and friends for being a part of the studio. You guys are what make this such a cool thing!

9/14/12- Back from the tour and ready to get back into the old routine! Lessons resumed last week for most students, and the studio is getting a little makeover this week as well. Performance opportunity dates have been chosen- basically, it will be a pot-luck, party, and music playing celebration for all students, friends, and family to enjoy. I have scheduled it on the weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday. This time, I've split up the kids and adults performances: The kid's date is Saturday, Nov. 17th at Appleton Mills Apartments (same place as last time). Adults will be on Sunday, Dec. 9th, at Root Note Studio. As always, let me know if there are any questions.

I will be playing this month in ME, VT, NH, MA, and CT-- if you happen to be around, check out the Blue James Band's show schedule... would love to see you there if you're able to make it!!

7/29/12- I am gearing up for the upcoming summer tour with the Blue James Band, as well as our 3rd album release in August! I will let you know as soon as they're available for purchase. Check out the tour dates below and let your friends and family know if they're in the same area! (Go to for more details). 

Consequently, most of us will have our last lesson either this week or next week, before a 3-5 week hiatus. I plan on being back in action the first week of September, but will be in touch on the road as far as scheduling goes. Be ready to prepare for a whole month of practicing! As soon as I get back, it's time to prepare for our recital- the official date is TBA, but it is looking like November fits perfectly. Keep sending those recital name suggestions... :) Hope the summer is going well for everyone!

5/10/12- We had such an excellent and fun spring recital, last Saturday! Thanks to all students, parents, friends, and family for your attendance and assistance in making this possible. Students at all skill levels, and ages ranging from 5 to adulthood performed for an audience of friends, family, and members of the community. The potluck was just wonderful as well, thanks to everyone who participated. The event was a major success and I look forward to planning another one in a few months. I feel like nothing helps a musician to grow like a performance opportunity. I need help naming it, though. The word "recital" seems a little formal for the type of event I want to put on for students. Feel free to send some name ideas, and check out some of these pictures from last week.

3/28/12- We're moving into a new teaching space!!! Finally- very excited for this. I will be teaching right in Downtown Lowell, sharing a space with Whitsett Guitar Works. They are AWESOME guitar repair technicians, and will be building guitars in their new space as well. I'm glad that my students and I will have easy access to them. The space is beautiful, and perfect for teaching. There is also a stage downstairs that we can use for future recitals and jams... great potential here. 

Consequently, I will now be limiting travel lessons to Sundays and Mondays only, and Studio lessons Tuesday through Thursday, all day. If you know someone interested in getting lessons- have them contact me asap- because I feel like the schedule will be filling up FAST!

Thank you all for keeping up with RNS, and for your positive thoughts and support. This is going to be a great change, and we will be bringing some more musical presence to Downtown Lowell- good stuff. I'll be in there starting lessons on April 3rd, so if you're in the area, text/call anytime and stop by!

02/25/12- I am planning a spring recital! After mentioning the prospect of a holiday recital to students and parents, I found that more people were kinda hoping for something sooner. May it is. All students are welcome to participate- all genres will be enjoyed, all ages, and I'm excited- it's going to be a great time! It will definitely be a no-pressure environment... the hope is to give each student the chance to perform a song (or songs) of their choice for their family, friends, and peers while being backed up by a band, or playing solo- your choice! By now all students have been informed- I do not have a date or location set yet but everything is in the works. If you have any suggestions or questions, contact me anytime. Thanks guys!

01/08/12- I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, and happy New Year! Maybe a great resolution this year would be to maintain a strict, daily practice regimen?? Anyone? ;) Potential students: I still have availabilities in the schedule- feel free to contact me anytime to see if we can schedule you a slot for an introductory lesson. If you have any questions at all, send them my way. I look forward to hearing from you!

12/5/11- ATTN: There will be no lessons scheduled the week before the Christmas holiday, from 12/19 to 12/26. We can reschedule your lesson, have a lesson twice as long as normal, or just skip the week- whatever you would prefer. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks! 

11/14/2011- It is great to see good words being spread about my teaching services, and students practicing and excelling on their instruments! The holidays are upon us... something I've always wanted to do with teaching was to hold a holiday recital- I'm not sure if we've been here long enough to be able to get a good crowd this year, though- maybe next year? That way it would also be beneficial for the students to perform for a group, socialize, and perhaps make some connections with other local musicians. I promise we will have a blast whenever I can pull that together (...Probably 2012).  I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season this year, and keep it filled with music!

10/09/2011- Continuing to develop a nice student base, with students in areas including Greater Lowell, Andover, Tyngsboro, and Billerica, with student ages ranging from 6 to 60. We are working on many different subjects, most students are guitarists looking to further their knowledge of the instrument, music theory, and composition, and range from complete beginners to advanced players. I am very excited about everyone's progress over the past few weeks, and look forward to meeting with each of you! For prospective new students, I am still looking to further expand my student base and can not wait to meet with you! Contact me anytime to schedule a lesson.

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