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"Best of Lowell"

5 Consecutive Years

Root Note Studio was awarded "Best of Lowell" for music instruction 5 years in a row.  We thank all of our wonderful, talented students, team members & supporters, and community for this achievement. Could not have done it without you, Thank you! 

RNS is hosting Student Recital

Come join us!

RNS is having student performances and a Jam Session on Saturday, October 27th. 
This event is open to the community - 
FREE admission. 
($5 suggested donation)

Doors will open at 6:00pm at Coffee & Cotton in Mill No.5 
Be sure to enjoy the Cofee & Cotton's selections of Beers, snacks, and Coffee and more! 

- All current students at RNS are given a performance opportunity- some solo, some with a full electric band! Our Saturday Morning Jam group will be performing as well.

"Root Note Ramble"

Please join us on Wednesday, 12/14 at 6:30pm for a Winter/Holiday Root Note Ramble at Mill No. 5! 


Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 6:30pm at Mill No. 5. Mark your calendars! All current students at RNS are given a performance opportunity if they'd like, and then all musicians are cut loose for a community jam. 


Small groups and any former students are also encouraged to perform before the jam session. All are welcome and will be enjoyed. Submit your band/performance idea to Liz so she can be sure we'll have everything you'll need or provide accompaniment. 


Please contact us with any questions!


Bring any dish/ drink to share. Bring any accessories needed for jamming (instrument, tuner, picks, music stand, iPad, clip, capos, etc.)


Location information: 

Mill No. 5

250 Jackson St. 

4th Floor

Lowell, MA 01852


For a link to the Facebook Event, click HERE

Kaki King bringing down the house- 2/2016

On Sunday, 2/28, we had an incredibly helpful and eye opening guitar workshop, and later that night, Kaki delivered a total face melting performance. Kaki is one of a kind, and so gracious to stop by at the end of her tour of the NE. What a great day for our musical community here in Lowell!


Keep an eye out for more great events that we host, right here in downtown Lowell! More to come... 


Liz will be making trips to teach in Lowell this April and May, 2016.


Root Note Rambles, Off-Schedule Jams, and Saturday Morning Jams will be in abundance... so stay tuned!

Fall 2015 update-

It's been a very busy summer for everyone! RNS owner, Liz, has been on the road all summer traveling all over the US and internationally with Nashville based band, Mustang Sally. Even with all the travel, Skype students have been consistently working hard and RNS instructors Seiki, Scott, and Brianne have been teaching in the studio in Lowell every week!

We have consistently been having awesome turnouts for the Saturday Morning Jam sessions at Mill No. 5, every second and fourth Saturday of the month. Every 4-6 weeks, we also have an off-schedule jam with friends and students or a Root Note Ramble, where students get opportunities to present us with individual performances. As always, it continues to be an eventful and productive atmosphere here at the studio.

We are working on booking new artists for our next workshop and concert, so be sure to stay tuned for new announcements here and on our Facebook page at

March 2015:

Participation in the Guitar Workshop is $45.

**Workshop has reached capacity**


Admission to the evening concert at the Luna Theater is $20. 


Toby is a premier blues/folk/ragtime guitarist who has traveled the south and learned his music from seasoned old time blues musicians. He has put a lot of work dedication into his craft. The masterclass will be great, and that evening will be a show you don't want to miss!


Student discounts available. There will also be a workshop gear giveaway by our friends at University Music! Reserve your seat by paying for the guitar workshop and/or the concert here:

A message from Liz... 2/13/15

I took most of this from the email update that I sent last night. I want you all to see this, even if you aren't on the email list.


This goes out to anyone I've ever taught a lesson to at Root Note Studio... I must continue to thank you all for your support. Seriously! Thank you. 


It's been about a year since I went on the road and stopped having a "physical presence" in Lowell, full time. As I travel all over the country and live this crazy/fun/scary/exciting/challenging/wonderful lifestyle, I take you guys with me all the way. (some of you... literally... via Skype- I love it)! 


I remember our weekly in-person lessons, think way back when I was first starting out in Lowell, up to when things at the studio got so super busy. I treasure all those hours I got to spend with you guys: teaching, learning, joking, jamming, playing tunes, and really just enjoying company and making music. I've learned so much over the last 4 years, and am always humbled by the fact that the learning will never stop. 


And you can bet that I'll continue coming back to Lowell to teach and hold educational/musical events at the studio, as long as our community thrives... which I know it will. It's a thrill to continue seeing growth and progress achieved with my current students, and to be holding more events- Rambles, kid's jam parties, Saturday morning jams, and bringing in artists for instructional workshops- old favorites and brand new things that we've never done before. 


In case you didn't know, Root Note Studio is constantly in operation with other great teachers working there year round. :) I totally miss teaching up there more often, but I know that at this point in my career, I should be on the road as much as possible- working and learning as much as I can. I think that I am gaining valuable experience and that will hopefully make me an even better teacher in the long run. 


SO THANK YOUUUU! And go practice. 



Thank you for this honor, Lowell!
We were named "Best of Lowell, 2014" in the category of Private Music Instruction.  

We had a great time at our December 2014 Root Note Ramble!

Tickets are $20. Student discounts available- contact us before your purchase.
Reserve your seat online now by paying here: 

Fall 2014- Update

This fall will be a fun one... Liz returns to Lowell, MA every month to teach and will be back very soon! She will be at the studio and Building Blocks Preschool/Kindergarten again. Soon we will need to start planning for our next Kid's Performance Party and Root Note Ramble.

The Saturday Morning Jams are still going strong at Mill No. 5, from 9-11am every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. We are working on planning some fun new events in Lowell soon so STAY TUNED!! 


Teachers are also continuing to teach at RNS Lowell so let us know if you're interested in weekly lessons here! Check out our Lowell, MA teacher page for more information. 


Cliff and Liz (BJB Duo) will be playing in Lowell, MA at Brew'd Awakening on Saturday, 9/27 form 1-3pm. Come out and hang with us!


Lessons in Nashville, TN are in full swing at the studio location, so be in touch with us if you're interested in a lesson in town. 

Skype lessons have been taking off well. It has especially been a hit with pedal steel guitar students. It is so much more convenient and eaiser to prepare and set up for your lesson when dealing with so much gear. Many students (PSG, guitar, and otherwise) tell me that it's great to be able to take a lesson with a knowledgable instructor in the comfort of your own home, as well as working with more flexible scheduling. 


Be in touch if you're interested in lessons, and practice, practice, practice! Stay tuned for events and hap'nens over the next few months in Lowell and Nashville. 

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