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An Introductory Lesson will be the first lesson scheduled, and is used by the instructor to gauge a student's strengths and potential areas for growth, to see how their skill level is compared to their music theory knowledge, and to begin a lesson plan (if the student chooses to continue). The introductory lesson is beneficial for the student as well, to see if they feel comfortable with their instructor and the studio atmosphere, and to decide if they would like to continue lessons on that instrument.

A 1\2 hour Introductory Lesson is $25. There are no other ties to the lesson, no pressure at all! If you wish to continue, we will go on to schedule a block of lessons.

A block of lessons is scheduled and billed in a group of 4 weekly lessons at a time.

       1/2 hour lessons are $30 per lesson ($120 for a block).

       1 hour lessons are $60 $50 per lesson ($240 $200 for a block)
*special: $10 discount per lesson for weekly hour students.*

       1 hour lessons (biweekly)- $60 per lesson ($240 for a block)      

Payment for a block of 4 lessons is due at the beginning of the first lesson (excluding Skype). We are able to accept cash, check, or Paypal. Late payments are subject to an additional $10 fee.

Non-weekly students are students who are not taking their first lesson, and do not schedule a block of lessons, instead only scheduling one lesson at a time. This service has an additional cost when compared to that of our regular weekly students. Non weekly lessons are very beneficial for folks who do not want to be obligated for four consecutive lessons at a time. Rates for a non-weekly student is $40 per half hour and $60 per hour.

Canceled Lessons: Things come up, and sometimes your private lesson needs to take a backseat to other things. This is completely understandable and happens to all of us!

If you can provide 24 hour notice on a canceled lesson, you will not be billed for the time and we will schedule a make-up lesson as soon as possible. If our schedules are too hectic, we can just make up the lesson the following week at the student's regular time.

If I do not receive 24 hours notice on a canceled lesson, you will be billed for that lesson's time slot, and unless requested, we do not schedule any make-up time. If we do schedule a make-up lesson, you would be consequently billed for 2 lessons that week.

**Students who repeatedly cancel lessons will consequently need to be scheduled one lesson at a time, as a non-weekly student. They are only obligated for 1 lesson, and can schedule their next lesson whenever it is convenient. (Note: non-weekly students are subject to a $15 hike in rates and are not given a guaranteed weekly slot).

Pedal Steel Guitar Lessons are set up like master classes, as the instrument requires more discussion, attention to intricate details, and much more time to set up and tune. An hour long lesson is the minimum time allotted to schedule (although scheduling 2+ hours in definitely encouraged- there is, surely, a lot we can talk about). The rate for a pedal steel lesson is $60/hour.

You are only obligated for one lesson at a time, as other instrumental students pay for a block of 4 weekly lessons at a time. Canceled lessons still require at least 24 hour notice.

You are encouraged to arrive at the studio 15 minutes early to set up your instrument and tune.

**This instrument has been very popular to teach via Skype. Students find it more convenient and you can save A TON of time! Packing up the steel, hauling, travel time, setting up, tuning, packing up, traveling home, setting up again to practice, etc... can take up a lot of time and be very tiring. If you are comfortable with Skyping, this is a great option that you can take advantage of.**

As a long studied steel player and former student of Buddy Charleton, I am confident that I can have all students develop a new understanding of this amazing instrument. I am passionate about passing on everything I have learned from the pedal steel master, as well as other techniques and skills I have come to learn over the years. It is a unique and versatile instrument, and can be used in many situations, even as a solo instrument. Feel free to email or call me with any questions concerning a possible lesson, or even regarding advice purchasing pedal steel equipment, finding teachers in other areas, or any technical problems you may be facing.    


--Liz **



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